Inceptus manufactures, distributes and markets a wide range of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. With an initial focus on sterile, and liquids manufacturing, while supplying affordable quality health care equipment. Inceptus is well positioned to supply both the private and public sector in line with the manufacturing objectives of the Harambee Prosperity Plan, Vision 2030 and NDP 5.


Inceptus uses in-depth consumer understanding and expertise in science and technology to create innovative, affordable, effective and sustainable technology products and services. Captilising from UNAM’s vast pool of industry experts cross cutting multiple industries and geographies allows Inceptus to bring R&D ideas to life. The future outlook is key to take the lead, move effectively, while staying relevant to both consumers and stakeholders.


Specialising in the development, planning, integration and management of complex engineering and construction related projects. Inceptus provides cost effective solutions to our clients which in turn relates to limiting subjectivity, reducing uncertainty; and establishing effective and efficient project management capability.


Our contribution to economic value addition of Namibian horticultural & Livestock produce by bridging the gap from farm to plate while creating wealth from waste and maximizing the use of all industry by products.