NEUDAMM CAMPUS – 35 km east from Windhoek

  • The farm is 10,187 ha.
  • Situated 35 km east of Windhoek.
  • It has 197 camps divided into 10 blocks (A-J),
  • 44 km border fences,
  • 270 km stock proof fences,
  • 86 km jackal proof fences,
  • 73 km water pipelines that supplies every camp on the farm with water,
  • 8 boreholes (78 – 126 meters deep),
  • 16 reservoirs,
  • sheep shed with kraals at the campus
  • Commercial beef cattle farming at the experimental farm.
  • Meat processing room
Facility Rental:
  • Piggery unit
  • Poultry unit
  • Diary unit
  • Vegetable garden
  • Fruit trees
  • Game farming – mountainous part of the farm -need game-proof fence. This would be the main capital investment-trophy hunting, venison, and stud breeding some of the expensive antelopes (sable, hartebeest etc.).
  • Export market potential – trade agreements – Beef to the USA and China.

OGONGO CAMPUS – 65 km from Oshakati

  • On a 4,350 ha farm
  • 1000 ha serves as a game park.
  • The campus administrative facilities and houses take up approximately 280 ha .
  • 20 ha are devoted to horticulture, rice, other cereals and lucerne production.
  • 10 ha orchard, presently run by Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) and will be handed over to UNAM in the near future.
  • 3000 ha are available for grazing beef, goats and sheep.
  • Water in abundance from the Calueque-Oshakati canal.
  • Currently the farm produce sold to staff members, students and surrounding communities.
  • Increase production provides potential consumers such as retail markets and other institutions (schools, hospitals, defence, prisons, catering, etc.).
  • Animal hides –tannery / abattoir?
Facility Rental:
  • Piggery unit
  • Poultry unit
  • Diary unit
  • Vegetable garden


Kasheshe farm – 25 km from campus:

  • 2500 ha
  • Pending land registration & environmental impact assessment (EIA).
  • Horticulture, crop maize, feedlot, orchards & botanical gardens.
  • Integrated aquaculture e.g Zambezi breem.
  • Game farming & Guesthouse.
  • Shuttles opportunity to: a).Vic Falls, b).Chobe National Park, c).Kasane Airport.
  • Guided Tours , e.g. Birding.
  • Sunset boat Tours on Zambezi Region.
  • Trophy Hunting (Professional registered UNAM Students to conduct the hunt).
On campus – Veterinary Clinic
  • Required for effective teaching and recommended by the National Veterinarian Council(NVC).
  • Target: Zambezi region and SADC.
  • No private veterinarians in the region.
  • Zambezi region cattle population: 180 000
  • State veterinarians attend to approx. 34 cases/month.
Facility Rental:
  • Six roomed structures, with electricity & water connection, in fenced area.
  • Minor renovations required to meet NVC standards for registration.
  • Available skills: 5 registered veterinarians,1 x laboratory technician,1 x field technician.