Inceptus Energy (PTY) Ltd, in collaboration with Alensy Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd, has entered into a joint venture to deliver sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective electricity to  all 12 campuses of the University of Namibia. The Renewable Energy Generation Project features photovoltaic solar power generation plants with a total capacity of 3.4 Megawatt peak (MWp). These plants  harness solar energy to generate electricity, which is then synchronized with the existing electrical grid, creating a grid-tied system.

The Renewable Energy Generation Project is expected to cut UNAM’s carbon footprint by avoiding around 3,900 tons of carbon emissions per year. It will also result in substantial financial savings, with electricity costs projected to be at least 40% lower than current utility rates. Furthermore, the project will reduce the University’s connection capacity from 6.8 MW to 2.8 MWp, leading to an annual saving of approximately N$12 million.